1. Customer Service Center
  2. Water Supply
  3. Water Distribution
  4. Sanitary & Storm Drain


It is our policy to deliver a consistent level of service to our customers that will address and meet their needs plus instill a level of trust, pride and confidence in the Commission.

Service will be delivered always keeping mind that we have the knowledge, desire and resources available to us to deliver only one kind of service - exceptional. This level of service will be marked by the following standards:
  • Efficiency: The hallmark of our service will be speed and accuracy
  • Flexibility: We recognize that we are here to service and when a request is out of our area of expertise or jurisdiction, we will still own it and give the requester the information and directions that will produce a positive outcome.
  • Quality Focused: Service delivered in such a fashion that when a customer receives services from us they will instinctively trust in its value.
  • Courteous: How we treat our customer will be a reflection of the respect we have for the City of East Orange and ourselves
  • Internal Clients: We will deliver exceptional service period. There will be no distinction between internal and external clients when quality of service is measured.
  • An Inviting Attitude: The way we communicate with citizens will be marked with a smile on our face and in our voice. Listening and sensitivity will be essential to all of our interactions.

Personal Contact

A core component of our customer service philosophy is to ensure customers interact with a customer service representative rather than an automated system. Providing that personal contact to answer questions and solve problems makes it clear that customers are a priority. The human interaction is supported and made more efficient with the use of technology for automated meter reading, billing, as well as tracking customer account and service information. Customer complaints are reviewed to evaluate our policies, procedures and service response.