Private & Public Partnerships / Agreements

East Orange Water Commission acquires approximately 670 thousand gallons of water per day from the City of Newark to service the demands of the system.

The East Orange Water Commission maintains emergency water interconnections with the Municipalities of:
  • Bloomfield
  • Glen Ridge
  • Livingston
  • Newark
  • Orange
  • South Orange
Connections also exist with New Jersey American Water Company (NJAWC), a private utility.

South Orange

The East Orange Water Commission is currently contracted with the Township of South Orange Village to operate and manage its water system and supply the residents and commercial establishments with an average daily supply of 2.5 million gallons of water.

Professional Services

The East Orange Water Commission can provide a technologically advanced solution to manage your water and wastewater systems more efficiently. Therefore lowering the cost of doing business, yet maintaining and in most cases, improving the quality of your systems.

East Orange Water Commission has 100 years of experience working with municipal, residential and commercial development projects regarding water and wastewater management. The commission's expertise includes:
  • Acquisitions
  • Meter installation
  • Meter reading, billing, and customer service
  • Operation and maintenance agreements
  • Private / public partnerships
  • Water service agreements
The East Orange Water Commission can partner with you to analyze your current systems and provide process enhancements as needed. We can also offer daily administration and system operations assistance to municipalities and system operators.