Brittany D. Claybrooks

Office of City Council
Title: City Council Member - 2nd Ward
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Brittany Claybrooks (4)

  • Chair of Housing, Licensing & Inspection

Councilwoman Brittany D. Claybrooks was elected at the November 5, 2019 General Election to serve as Councilwoman of the Second Ward.  She recently received her Master’s in Urban Planning and Development from New York University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Management from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.  She spent six years working in various government and public service institutions including the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice; The Florida Department of Health; The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation where she served in the Office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Young Invincibles, a national nonprofit in Washington, DC that advocates on behalf of millennial   Americans in the areas of higher education, health, economic development and young parents’ initiatives.
Councilwoman Brittany D. Claybrooks, a Detroit native is passionate about creating greater economic opportunities for residents of inner cities and developing communities via             comprehensive policy and equitable allocation of public resources.  She believes inclusive  community development to be among the most effective ways to create positive change in underrepresented communities and plans to dedicate her career to ensuring that people have access to the American life they desire and deserve.  She is a Second Ward Democratic Municipal County Committee Leader and considers serving and inspiring people to be her life’s work.  She often proclaims, “Public service is not what I do, public service is who I am”.


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