Understand the Warnings

  1. Hurricane Watch
  2. Hurricane Warning

Hurricane Watch

A Hurricane Watch means that hurricane conditions may threaten an area within 24-36 hours. When a Hurricane Watch is issued, everyone in that area should listen for further advisories and be prepared to act promptly:
  • Frequently listen to your radio, television or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio for official bulletins on the progress of the storm.
  • Fuel and service family vehicles. Service stations may be unable to pump fuel because of flooding or loss of electrical service.
  • Moor small craft or move to safe shelter.
  • Inspect and secure mobile home tie downs.
  • Tape, board or shutter all window and door openings. Wedge sliding glass doors to prevent lifting from their tracks.
  • Check for batteries, flashlights and battery-operated radios.
  • Check on your supply of canned food, first aid supplies, drinking water and medications.
  • Secure or bring inside lawn furniture and other loose, lightweight objects, such as garbage cans and garden tools that could become a projectile in high winds.
  • Have an extra supply of cash on hand, if possible.