Urban Enterprise Zone

The East Orange Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) is an excellent way for your business to save money on everyday purchases of business supplies and equipment, not to mention capital improvement projects, including:
  • Maintenance  
  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • Repairs

Tax Exemptions

These savings are made possible through state-authorized tax exemptions.

Yes, that means you pay no sales tax! Retail businesses are also allowed to charge their customers 3% sales tax on purchases  made at their business. These tax savings translate to greater business savings!

Economic Stimulus

This is possible because the State of New Jersey has recognized East Orange as a city in need of an economic stimulus to strengthen the business community and create jobs for its residents.

The UEZ program addresses this need 100%! In exchange for receiving tax savings, businesses only have to create a full or part-time job, depending on the size of the business. That’s it!

Additional Incentives

Unemployment tax rebates and corporate tax credits are also available as added incentives.

For More Information

Are you ready to start saving?

Call the East Orange UEZ Office to get on the road to saving money!