Rent Leveling

Mission & Purpose

The Division of Rent Leveling maintains all relevant records, information and other data pertaining to landlord and tenant relations, in accordance with Chapter 218, of the City Code.

This division supplies information and assistance to landlords and tenants, helps to bring together tenants and landlords in formal conferences, and suggests resolutions of conflicts between them in order to assist in compliance with the City Code.

The Rent Leveling Division also assists with:
  • Accepting and processing tenant complaints
  • Ordering rent rebates, deductions and increases
  • Processing rental vacancy decontrol increases and/or surcharges under the Hardship Increase and/or Capital Improvement Recovery
  • Insuring landlords file and updating Rent Roll data
  • Reviewing ‘protected tenancy' status eligibility and ineligibility

Submitting Applications

All applications must be submitted in person to the Department of Property Maintenance located at:
East Orange City Hall
44 City Hall Plaza, 3rd floor
East Orange, NJ 07018

Paying Application Fees

Any associated fees must be made payable to the City of East Orange by:

  • Certified check
  • Money order
No cash is accepted for the payment of associated fees.