Mustafa Al-M. Brent

Office of City Council
Title: City Council Member - 5th Ward
Phone: 973-419-2234
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  • Chair of Health & Education

Councilman Mustafa Al-M Brent was sworn into Office as Fifth Ward Councilman on January 1, 2016.  He was reelected at the November 5, 2019 General Election.         Councilman Brent has followed in his father’s footsteps to pursue a life of service. He has served as a Member of the East Orange Board of Education, coordinated youth groups around the State of New Jersey and participated in various charities, outreach programs and community initiatives.  His personal mantra is: “Together we must, united we will”. 

Councilman Mustafa Al-M Brent 
attended Howard University and received a scholarship and attended Medina University in Saudi Arabia where he received a degree in Arabic Language and Middle Eastern Studies.  Upon returning to the United States he taught Arabic to school children in private schools in East Orange. He serves as an Assistant Imam at Masjid As’Habul Yameen in East Orange and is the former Imam at Masjid Baitullah in Roselle, New Jersey. Councilman Brent is a Fire Captain with the City of Newark Fire Department. He is a participant of the Orange Police Clergy Alliance and serves as Clergy for the Newark Fire Department. 

Councilman Mustafa Al-M Brent has served as Chairman of the Health and Education and Public Works Committees and the Housing, Licensing and Inspection and Planning and Grants Committees .


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